High School Seniors

If headshots are my number one favorite portrait, the high school senior is number two. I enjoy shooting these young adults for a variety of reasons. They are full of energy and getting to know their different personalities is a fun adventure. Many of the high school kids I’ve shot I’ve ended up shooting their engagement, wedding and even maternity pictures! I often get a call for family portraits from their parents because the Senior’s experience with me was so positive. I really try and go out of my way to give these Seniors a fantastic experience – a bit self-motivated because that great experience leads to referrals but in all honesty I love doing something special for them.

Last year I had a Senior with a great attitude – I think we shot on 4 or 5 different dates and locations so she had the images she wanted. I don’t always do that but I try and be generous as possible  when it comes to sharing my time and talent.

In fact, each year I seek out one EHS Senior who’s family might be a little tight on money and I do their entire session for free…. and I make sure nobody knows who that senior is so they don’t feel any bit uncomfortable.

For more high school senior images click here

Tiny Prints Graduation Announcements and Invitations


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