I am really  fortunate to be able to create a business out of my passion for photography. I built a 1700 square foot workshop that is my home studio. It’s perfect, 14 foot ceilings, ultra white walls and plenty of electrical outlets for my studio strobes. I installed a retractable background system so I can change backgrounds quickly. My main light is on a rolling light stand to easily re-position it for the best results. It’s really a lot of fun creating new lighting set ups as well as setting up lights for classic lighting patterns. Understanding lighting and lighting patterns is really critical especially in studio. I think that’s why a lot of photographers don’t use flash or attempt studio work – they don’t understand the technical side of lighting. Whether in studio or on location I  almost always use lighting gear. In my opinion dark eye sockets and no catch lights in the eye make for a crummy image no matter how nice the rest of the image might appear.

For more portrait images click here


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