I limit the number of wedding I shoot each year because each is so involved and I want to really give my undivided attention to each shot and every edit. At the wedding, I am more than just the photographer, I am willing to do what ever it takes to make it a fantastic day for the bride and groom.  I had the pleasure of shooting Lizzie and Tanner’s wedding. It was held at Lizzie’s dad’s farm in Emmett. I arrived early to scope out the venue, get my slight lines and pre-visualize shooting the event. Planning and seeing potential issues before hand goes a long way to making the photography seem effortless (and reduces panic and frustration within the photographer too!) People were busy scurrying around getting things ready. I walked over to a guy swinging a hammer on a pile of pallets… from the engagement session, I recognize him as the groom. Two hours before the wedding he’s shirtless building a sink/hand washing station for the guests! Short time later he’s pitching hay bales into the pasture to make bench seating for the wedding. Everything is coming together. I help police the reception area, help get the table and chairs set…even run to the store for more ice. I ferry questions and track down people for the bride as she’s getting ready.  Things are coming together and by the time the wedding is queued the place looks fantastic. I am in my groove, camera ready and the music starts…

And it’s like this at every wedding I have shot. When necessary, I set my camera down and roll up my sleeves  to make the day go seamlessly.

And then I deliver the most beautiful images…

For more wedding images click here

Wedding invitations and stationery from Wedding Paper Divas


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